TV Setup


Sony TV Web Page Remote Control

Version: 1.4 (2020-Oct)


For details on how this works, the best choice is looking at the source code: Sony TV Web Page Remote source code.

Using this requires the TV to support IRCC control (Sony Bravia TV IR (infrared)-like-control-commands), have a fixed IP address, and allow remote access using a pre-shared key.
2016 or later Sony Bravia TVs should all have this support.

Power On from this page will only work if the TV Power Eco mode allows it. The Bravia TV Settings for Power can be changed if needed. Otherwise, use the physical remote to turn on the TV and then all these web commands will work.


Click on the Setup tab and fill in all the fields in there.

Do this using the TV: Set pre-shared key on your TV: [Settings] [Network] [Home Network Setup] [IP Control] [Pre-Shared Key]
Set [Authentication] to [Normal and Pre-Shared Key]

If the TV IP address is not fixed, give your TV a static IP address or make a DHCP reservation for a specific IP address in your router.

Enter the list of over-the-air channels or TV commands you want direct access to on the Buttons tab.
This will create a button for each command string. Individual command names can be found by querying the TV, see the section TV commands in this document.
Each button should be defined on a single line. Example format is:

2.1 Enter : PBS 2
4.1 Enter : CBS 4
4.1 Enter : CBS 4
Netflix Confirm : Netflix
TvInput Confirm : TV

Where the : (space colon space) separates the TV commands number from the button name. A channel number can also be used as a command.

This will create a button for each channel or command.

After all data is entered, click Save.
Once that is done, the buttons on the page can be used to send commands.

All data is saved locally, there is no information sent back to the web server.
This maintains user privacy. The data is stored by the local browser, so it can reload the data when it is restarted. It also means that each time a different browser is used, or a browser on a different device, the setup information needs to be re-entered.


The Javascript code prints out status and error messages to the Javascript Console. Some messages will also be shown on the web page as a popup for a few seconds, such as when the Setup tab Save button is clicked, or if there is an error sending the remote control command when a button is clicked.
To see the messages, open up your browser's Developer Tools or similar to see the Console messages.
For example, in Firefox or Chrome, type Control-Shift-J or in Firefox: click on [Menu] [Developer] [Browser console] to open the Console and look at the JS (Javascript) Tab to see messages from this script.

Since this web page (and the Javascript code it uses) needs to connect to the TV, this will only work if your web browser is able to access both this web page and your TV.
The web browser can be on a computer, a smartphone, or a tablet. online Sony TV Web Remote at

If the On button is not working from this web page, it indicates that the TV has some power saving mode set. In this case, change the [Settings] [Power] Eco mode using the TV remote. Or always use the physical remote to turn on the TV.
See this message thread for the issue related to WOL messages: TVPower does not work.

If more customization of the Buttons page is needed, the entire source code for this package is available for local download and editing. This may be useful if you wish to hardcode the Setup details on the web page, so everyone in your household can visit your modified web page and immediately start using the buttons.
Download source code and web page as a ZIP archive: and unpack it locally. Rename the folder if needed, and edit the HTML or Javascript files. Then load the sony-tv.html in your browser (Firefox or Chrome only).

For additional details, visit the home page and the source codes, available at:
Browse source code online: Sony TV Web Page Remote source code

TV Info (Commands)

Here's a way to see all the Command names and IRCC codes supported by the TV. It seems all Sony Bravia TVs return the same set of codes. This can be used to confirm it, if needed by comparing this output to the COMMAND_MAP Javascript variable in the code. This button works even if the TV is off (as long as it is plugged in). The entries such as {"name":"Hdmi2","value":"AAAAAgAAABoAAABbAw=="} show the command name and the value which indicates the IRCC code.

In addition the commands here, this interface also accepts channel numbers as commands such as 38.1 and such.

(Remote Controller Info will show up here.)